Our Process

Year-Round Engagement

Tailored to Your Needs and Goals

Our process begins where you are when we meet. We start with an onboarding of your current accounting. We load everything into our system and begin with a long-term view. At all points, we ensure compliance and quarterly tax provisions are being met.

Our Process

Strategic Planning

For the quarters and year ahead, we will discuss what changes should be made to your tax strategy and when to implement them. We will determine what tax liabilities if any exist. We will ensure compliance, or discuss what is required for you to become compliant. Strategic planning can continue throughout the year, depending on your goals.


At this stage, we begin implementing any changes we discussed in our strategic planning. (Implementation may continue throughout the year, depending on our goals.) We’ll discuss how to legally manage your tax burden, as well as the impact on your cash flow, retirement, 1031 Exchange, and more.


When the time comes, we will prepare the necessary compliance forms and business/ personal tax returns. Each quarter we will also provide your estimated tax provisions. If necessary, we will complete tax extensions as well.


During the review phase, we take a look back at the tax planning items and financials from the previous year. We determine what tax liabilities, if any, exist and make a plan to meet those. We will ensure compliance or discuss what is required to become compliant.